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Tire Replacement Service

Every part on your car eventually will need to be replaced when the time is right. By getting your car serviced when it needs to be and on appropriate intervals, you can get the most life and miles out of every part. However when it is time for those parts to be replaced, always come to see the professionals like our certified technicians at Germain Nissan for quality work, always. Your tires are the most ground-contacted parts of your car. They get your from point A to point B smoothly. If you have had the same set for over 5 years, it's a good idea to start thinking about replacing them soon.


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When to replace? Here are some things to look for:

Irregular Tread and Wear

  • This goes beyond just needing tire rotations (which should be about once every 6,000 miles). This can also be due to misalignment - which when left alone too long can take miles off your tires

Tire Bulges

  • Tire bulging can look like they're almost bubbling up on the side. This can either be a manufacturer flaw, in which case can be replaced for free if it was installed by our professionals, or an side effect from hitting something in the road

Tire Age and Mileage

  • Over 5 years? Start thinking about replacing them
  • Over 6 years? It's more than likely time to have them replaced
  • This applies for even those with minimal tire usage. Everything ages regardless of how often or ruggedly it is being used, especially your tires

What about actually replacing them?

Figuring out which tires are best for your driving style, habits and budget can be another daunting task. Luckily, the team at Germain Nissan is here to help make that as easy as possible. We can make recommendations based on the information you tell us and work with you to find tires that perfectly suit your needs. When you ignore the uneven wear and tear on your tires for an extended period of time, you're putting yourself, those in the car and around you at risk. Having balding tires can increase the chance for highway blowouts, hydroplaning and more. 

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