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No doubt you're familiar with synthetic motor oil. But you may not be aware that the term is sometimes used to denote synthetic blends, as well as fully synthetic oil. But before going into the difference between the two, it's important to realize, and not everyone does, that they both start out as crude oil just as conventional oil does. And just as in the case of conventional, the crude undergoes a significant refining process. The degree of this refining is where they part ways.

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The Difference Between Synthetic Oil and Conventional Oil

Synthetic oil undergoes several complicated chemical processes, not only to remove all impurities but to isolate its molecules in order to give them a variety of properties that fit the automotive specifications of modern engines. In addition to this treatment, powder additives are mixed in that provide benefits above and beyond those of conventional oil. And finally, carrier oil is added to distribute the additives uniformly.

Again, the difference lies in the degree of refining. Whereas fully synthetic oil is made from a high-quality synthetic base stock mixed with additives that boost its performance over that of conventional oil, synthetic blends also have these additives, but synthetic blends consist of a mix of conventional oil and synthetic base stock. To complicate matters further, there are different grades of synthetic blends. Some manufacturers use a blend of high quality and lower quality base oils, others use all high-quality base oils. However, there are no firm industry definitions. The bottom line is that both are more technologically advanced than conventional motor oil.

Full Synthetic Oil Change Intervals

Generally speaking, fully synthetic oil can go for longer intervals between changes than conventional oil can. Of course, this all depends on individual driving styles and the conditions in which the car is regularly driven. While the current oil change recommendation for most brands of a conventional oil is every 7,500 miles which are about twice a year for the average driver, recommended synthetic oil change intervals fall into the range of 10,000 to 15,000 miles, or once a year, whichever comes first. Some oil manufacturers' lineups include synthetic oils that can go as long as 25,000 miles.

Other Benefits of Full Synthetic oil and Synthetic Oil Blends

In addition to longer oil change intervals, synthetic oil has been found to:

  • Provide better protection at higher engine temperatures
  • Keep engines cleaner
  • Protect against engine wear
  • Flow better in cold weather.
  • Better protect turbocharger parts

Changing from Conventional to Full Synthetic Oil

While generally speaking there are no inherent problems in switching from conventional oil to synthetic oil, there is a caveat. Owners of cars whose engines have seen a lot of miles, or have not been properly maintained should ease into these longer intervals in order to let the synthetic oil gradually clean out the engine. But as in all things vehicle related, it's always best to discuss this with your service manager the next time you schedule your Nissan for maintenance at Germaine Nissan of Columbus Ohio. After all, the service managers have been advising Germaine customers for over 65 years. That's how long the family-owned and operated dealership has been serving Columbus, Gahanna, and New Albany.

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