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Nissan A/C Recharge Service

At Germain Nissan of Columbus, we've been watching the temperature gauge at our Service Center, and we've noticed that average daily temperatures are starting to surge upward. With that in mind, we are thinking about the condition and performance of our customers' air conditioning system.


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Refrigerant Leaks

At the heart of frigid cold-air production is refrigerant that notoriously leaks and requires recharging to restore peak A/C performance. If you've noticed that the A/C isn't as cold as before or if you merely want to know that you'll be good to go on refrigerant throughout this scorching summer, then we invite you to Germain Nissan of Columbus for an A/C Recharge Service.

Warning Signs of Low A/C Refrigerant

As refrigerant begins to leak out of the A/C unit, air conditioning performance will worsen until it is blowing out air at ambient temperature. Although our certified technician can test your A/C unit's performance using a special instrument and a factory chart, if it is blowing out hot air, then you already know that you will need an A/C Recharge Service and potentially a repair if a damaged part gets found. If you are uncertain about the performance of your vehicle's air conditioner, an A/C Performance Check might be a good idea. Here are the telltale signs you need your system recharged:

  • Air is not as cold as previous
  • Visible refrigerant leaks
  • A/C system is blowing out hot air
  • Compressor clutch does not engage

What does A/C Recharge Service Include?

The ultimate goal of service is to add refrigerant to the air conditioning system to restore peak A/C performance. Since low refrigerant is indicative of a leak, the service also includes an inspection by a certified technician of the entire air conditioning system. Your vehicle's A/C system gets plugged into special equipment that recharges the refrigerant while also testing for leaks by pressurizing the system. If the certified technician finds a worn or damaged part allowing refrigerant to escape, the part can get repaired or replaced as needed with an OEM Part from our Nissan Parts Department. Rest assured that our professionals will restore your system to factory specifications with you pulling away from the Nissan Service Center enjoying an arctic wind from the vents.


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Nissan Amenities
Nissan Amenities
Nissan Amenities
Nissan Amenities

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