Oil Change Service

Getting your oil changed is something every driver knows is important to the health of their car, and is also something that can easily be put off until later. Did you know that if you stop changing your oil at regular intervals, it will cause your engine to start facing problems? Problems like the engine overheating, it running less efficiently and then ultimately wearing out and needing to be entirely replaced. 


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How often to change the oil?

People used to always say to change the oil once every 3,000 miles. However with the development of cars and technology, that is not necessarily the case anymore. We always recommend checking with your owner's manual first, but for any other questions, the Germain Nissan team is here to help. This question can also be answered by the type of oil being used:        

Full Synthetic:

  • This oil is for vehicles that are always at peak level performance, which in turn means they need a lot of lubrication. 
  • This is a costly oil and should be used for drivers who live in extreme weather environments, or those who tow often.
  • The recommended change is about every 7,500 miles
Synthetic oil:
  • The best bang for your buck - has many positive aspects of full synthetic at a more pocket friendly price
  • This oil is helpful for those who switch from conventional to synthetic
  • This oil range goes from 5,000 to 7,500 miles
  • Ideal for later model cars with simple engines 
  • This where the recommendation for once every 3,000 miles become appropriate

Germain Nissan of Columbus

Getting your oil changed should be an easy experience, but we understand with different budgets and oils to choose from, that it can quickly become an overwhelming process. Our team of professionals at Germain Nissan are happy to make recommendations we see fit for your car based on driving habits. Germain Nissan of Columbus has been the preferred service center in Columbus for 65 years in counting, book your appointment today!

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